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Use this function to have certain pages of your original copied onto designation sheets or to insert a designation sheet for each page specified.


  • You cannot specify the bypass tray as the Main Sheet Tray.

  • Before using this function, select the tray for designation sheets under Slip Sheet Tray in User Tools. For details, see “System Settings”, Network and System Settings Reference.

1Press [Cover/Slip Sheet].

Operation panel screen illustration

2Press [Designate / Chapter].

3Select [Designate: Copy] or [Designate: Blank].

4Press the key to select the chapter number.

Operation panel screen illustration

To select pages 11 to 20 (chapter), press [11-20].

5Enter the page location of the first page of the chapter with the number keys, and then press the [Sharp] key.

6To specify another page location, repeat steps 3 to 5.

Up to 20 locations can be specified.

7Select the main sheet tray that contains the paper to copy the originals.

8After making all settings, press [OK] twice.


  • To change the value you entered, press the key you want to change, and then enter a new value.

  • When placing the designation sheets in the bypass tray, it should be the same size and orientation as the main sheets.

  • If you select [Designate: Blank], the specified pages will be excluded from the copy count.

  • When Duplex (1 Sided 2 Sided) has been selected, specified pages will always be copied on the front of copies in the same way as in Chapters mode.