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Date Stamp

Use this function to print dates on your copies.

Illustration of Date Stamp


  • You cannot use the bypass tray with this function.

You can select from the following styles:

Stamp position and original orientation

The date stamp positions differ according to the orientation in which you place the originals.

Illustration of stamp position

1Press [Edit / Color].

Operation panel screen illustration

2Press [Stamp].

3Press [Date Stamp].

4Select the stamp format.

Operation panel screen illustration

You can change the color, style, and position of the date.

5Press [All Pages] or [1st Page Only] to select the print page.

6After making all settings, press [OK].

7Press [OK].


  • The default color is black.

  • You can change the settings for Date Stamp under Stamp in User Tools. For details about Stamp, see “Stamp”.

  • When Date Stamp is used with the Combine, Magazine, or Booklet function, the date stamp is printed as follows:

    • With the Combine function

      Illustration of Date Stamp

    • With the Magazine or Booklet function

      Illustration of Date Stamp