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Size Magnification

This function calculates a reproduction ratio based on the lengths of the original and copy.

Illustration of Size Magnification

Measure and specify the lengths of the original and copy by comparing “A” with “a”.

1Press [Reduce / Enlarge].

Operation panel screen illustration

2Press [Size Magnification].

3Enter the length of the original with the number keys, and then press [Sharp].

Operation panel screen illustration

You can enter sizes between 1 to 999 mm (0.1 to 99.9 inches) in increments of 1 mm (0.1 inch).

4Enter the length of the copy with the number keys, and then press [Sharp].

5Press [OK] twice.


  • To change the value you entered, press the key you want to change, and then enter a new value.

  • If the calculated ratio is over the maximum or under the minimum ratio, it is automatically adjusted to within available range. However, with some ratios, parts of the image might not be copied or margins will appear on copies.

  • The machine selects reproduction ratios of between 25 and 400%.