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User Color

You can register user colors made by adjusting the density of yellow, magenta, cyan, and black. You can also name the colors you register, and print out a list of user colors.

You can create colors by:


  • When copying using user colors, the fine shades might vary depending on the condition of the machine.

  • In order to correctly reproduce originals, the values, which have been input, are corrected inside the machine, and copies are made using the best suitable values. This means that the Text setting and the Photo setting may produce slight differences in the color of the printouts.

  • Up to 15 colors can be registered.

  • Sample prints of user colors can be made on an A4Portrait, 81/2 × 11Portrait, A3Landscape, or 11 × 17Landscape size paper.

  • When printing a list of user colors, the full color counter will advance by “1”.

  • For explanations about and examples of what you can do with the color adjustment function, see “Available Color Functions”.