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Image Adjustment

Adjusts image qualities.

The following five types of image adjustments are available:

Sharp / Soft

Adjusts the outline of an image.


Adjusts the shades of an image.

Background Density

Adjusts the background density of an image.

Adjust U.C.R.

Adjusts the amount of black toner to express vividly the black areas in an image.

Text / Photo Sensitivity

Adjusts the standard level in judging the image in the text and photo part when using “Text / Photo”.

1Press [Edit / Color].

Operation panel screen illustration

2Press [Color], and then press [Adjust Color].

3Press [Copy Quality].

4Adjust the settings.

Operation panel screen illustration

5Press [OK] twice.


  • [Sharp / Soft], [Contrast], and [Background Density] can each be adjusted, however, their adjustments can affect the level of other adjustment functions.

  • The adjusted settings will be deleted and the initial values will be reset, when Auto Clear has been performed, when the [Clear Modes] key has been pressed or when the power has been turned off.

  • For types and examples of the image adjustment functions, see “Available Color Functions”.