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Color Background

Copies by adding a color in the whole page.


  • Since the Color Background function overprints the entire original, the color of the image may change.

1Select a color mode.

2Press [Edit / Color].

Operation panel screen illustration

3Press [Color], and then press [Color Background].

4Select the background color, and then press [OK] twice.

Operation panel screen illustration

You can adjust the density of the color in four steps.

To select user color, press [User Color], and then select the color.

5Place the originals, and then press the [Start] key.


  • To cancel the selection, press the selected (highlighted) key.

  • When the Full Color is selected, the full color counter will advance by “1”. When the Black & White is selected, the mono-color counter will advance by “1”.

  • When copied using the registered color, the original will be copied lighter than the registered color.