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Display Panel

The function items displayed serve as selector keys. You can select or specify an item by lightly pressing them.

When you select or specify an item on the display panel, it is highlighted like Operation panel screen illustration. Keys appearing as Operation panel screen illustration cannot be used.

Initial copy display

Operation panel screen illustration numbered callout illustration

  1. Use this area to specify the original type, color mode, image density level, and other settings.

  2. Displays operational status and messages.

  3. You can register up to three frequently used reduce/enlarge ratios other than the preset ratios under Reproduction Ratio in User Tools. For details, see “Reproduction Ratio”.

  4. Displays the numbers of originals scanned, copies set, and copies made.

  5. Press the key to confirm the current settings.

  6. Displays the Shortcut keys. You can register frequently used functions under General Features in User Tools. For details, see “General Features”.

  7. Displays the Sort, Stack, Staple, and Punch functions.

  8. Displays available functions. Press a function to display its menu. When you select a function, a clip mark is displayed under the key.

  9. Displays the estimated time of completion for the scanning and printing of a copy job. This time does not change, even if the job is interrupted.


  • The illustration is an example of the panel display when the finisher, punch unit, and lower paper trays are installed.

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