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Manuals for This Machine

Read this manual carefully before you use this machine.

Refer to the manuals that are relevant to what you want to do with the machine.


  • Media differ according to manual.

  • The printed and electronic versions of a manual have the same contents.

  • Adobe Acrobat Reader/Adobe Reader must be installed in order to view the manuals as PDF files.

  • A Web browser must be installed in order to view the html manuals.

About This Machine

Before using the machine, be sure to read the section of this manual entitled Safety Information.

This manual introduces the machine's various functions. It also explains the control panel, preparation procedures for using the machine, how to enter text, how to install the CD-ROMs provided, and how to replace paper, toner, staples, and other consumables.


Provides a guide for resolving common usage-related problems.

Copy and Document Server Reference

Explains Copier and Document Server functions and operations. Also refer to this manual for explanations on how to place originals.

Facsimile Reference

Explains Facsimile functions and operations.

Printer Reference

Explains Printer functions and operations.

Scanner Reference

Explains Scanner functions and operations.

Network and System Settings Reference

Explains how to connect the machine to a network, configure and operate the machine in a network environment, and use the software provided. Also explains how to change User Tools settings and how to register information in the Address Book.

Security Reference

This manual is for administrators of the machine. It explains security functions that you can use to prevent unauthorized use of the machine, data tampering, or information leakage. For enhanced security, we recommend that you first make the following settings:

  • Install the Device Certificate.

  • Enable SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) Encryption.

  • Change the user name and password of the administrator using Web Image Monitor.

For details, see “Setting up the Machine”, Security Reference.

Be sure to read this manual when setting the enhanced security functions, or user and administrator authentication.

PostScript 3 Supplement

Explains how to set up and use PostScript 3.

VM Card Extended Feature Settings Device Reference

Explains how to set up the extended features settings with the machine.

VM Card Extended Feature Settings Web Reference

Explains how to set up the extended features settings using Web Image Monitor.

Other manuals

  • UNIX Supplement

  • Quick Reference Copy Guide

  • Quick Reference Printer Guide

  • Quick Reference Fax Guide

  • Quick Reference Scanner Guide

  • App2Me Start Guide


  • Manuals provided are specific to machine types.

  • For “UNIX Supplement”, please visit our Web site or consult an authorized dealer. This manual includes descriptions of functions and settings that might not be available on this machine.