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Facsimile Features

Accessing User Tools

Changing Default Settings

Quitting User Tools

General Settings

Scan Settings

Send Settings

Reception Settings

Initial Settings

Memory File Transfer

Selecting a Line Port or Protocol

Setting a SUB Code

Setting a Password


Programming an End Receiver

Quitting the Forwarding Function

Forwarding Mark

Reception File Setting

Specifying Automatic Deletion of Incoming Faxes when an Error Occurs

Reception Report e-mail

Stored Reception File User Setting

SMTP Reception File Delivery Settings

Program / Change / Delete Scan Size

Programming/Changing a Scan Size

Deleting a Scan Size

Registering Fax Information

Registering Fax Information

Changing Fax Information

Deleting Fax Information

Parameter Settings

User Parameter List

Changing the User Parameters

Special Senders to Treat Differently

Authorized Reception

Reception File Print Quantity


Print 2 Sided

Memory Lock

Paper Tray

Programming/Changing Special Senders

Authorized Reception per Sender

Reception File Print Qty per Sender

Forwarding per Sender

Print 2 Sided per Sender

Memory Lock per Sender

Paper Tray per Sender

Programming Initial Set Up of a Special Sender

Deleting a Special Sender

Box Settings

Programming/Changing Personal Boxes

Deleting Personal Boxes

Programming/Changing Information Boxes

Deleting Information Boxes

Programming/Changing Transfer Boxes

Deleting Transfer Boxes

Printing the Box List