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Facsimile Reference

Read This First

This section explains basic transmission operations such as specifying a transmission mode or destination.

Other Transmission Features

This section explains functions you can apply using the TX Mode setting, such as Sending at a Specific Time (Send Later) and Label Insertion. TX Mode allows you to use various functions with transmissions.


This section explains reception and reception functions such as printing received documents or routing received documents to other fax machines.

Changing/ Confirming Communication Information

This section explains the features of Change TX / Info, which you can use to confirm communication results on the screen or printed reports.

Storing a Document

This section explains storing and managing documents in the Document Server.

Fax via Computer

This section explains how to use this machine's facsimile function from a computer via a network.

Facsimile Features

This chapter describes user tools in the Facsimile Features menu.


This section explains features and specifications of the facsimile function.