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Read This First

How to Read This Manual


Model-Specific Information

Machine Types

Manuals for This Printer

List of Options

Using Keys

Preparing for Printing

Before Using the Printer

Drivers and Utilities

Using User Authentication

Accessing the Extended Features

Software Included on the CD-ROM

Viewing the Contents of the CD-ROM

Printer Drivers for This Printer

Downloading Utility Software

SmartDeviceMonitor for Admin


SmartDeviceMonitor for Client

If User Authentication is Specified

User Code Authentication (Using the Printer Driver)

Log in (Using the Control Panel)

Log out (Using the Control Panel)

Log in (Using the Printer Driver)

Log in (Using Web Image Monitor)

Log out (Using Web Image Monitor)

Printing Documents

Displaying the Printer Driver Settings Screen

Making Printer Default Settings - The Printer Properties

Making Printer Default Settings - Printing Preferences

Making Printer Settings from an Application

Making Printer Settings - One Click Presets

Frequently Used Print Methods

Standard Printing

Printing on Both Sides of Sheets

Combining Multiple Pages into Single Page

Advanced Printing

Menu Names and Brief Overview of Each Function

Specifying Printer Driver or Print Command Priority

Printing on Cover Sheet

Inserting Slip Sheets

Printing with Watermarks

Collate Function

Spool Printing

Setting Spool Printing

Viewing or Deleting spooled jobs using Web Image Monitor

Printing a PDF File Directly

Using DeskTopBinder Lite

PDF Direct Printing Using Function Palette

PDF Direct Print Properties

Using Commands to Print

Specifying the Classification Code for a Print Job

Using the Virtual Printer

Adding a Virtual Printer

Changing a Virtual Printer Configuration

Confirming a Virtual Printer Configuration

Deleting a Virtual Printer

Printing Using a Virtual Printer

If Errors Occur with the Specified Paper Size and Type

Changing the Paper Tray Settings

Printing from a Selected Tray

Canceling a Print Job

Proceeding with Printing using the Bypass Tray

Printing Stored Documents

Using the Print Job Function

Print Job Screen

Printing from the Print Job Screen

Sample Print

Locked Print

Hold Print

Stored Print

Printing from the User ID Screen

Printing the Selected Print Job

Printing All Print Jobs

Canceling a Print Job

Canceling a Print Job Using the Control Panel

Windows - Canceling a Print Job from the computer

Mac OS - Canceling a Print Job from the computer

Direct Printing from a Digital Camera (PictBridge)

What is PictBridge?

PictBridge Printing

What Can be Done on This Printer

Index Printing


Date and File Name Printing

Paper Size

Image Print Size


Duplex Printing

Printing Quality

Color Matching

Paper Type Specification

Form Printing

Toner Saving

Camera Memo Printing

Exiting PictBridge

When PictBridge Printing Does Not Work

Other Reference Information

Making Printer Settings Using the Control Panel

Menu Chart

Memory Erase Status Menu

Paper Input Menu

Paper Input Menu Parameters

Changing the Paper Input Menu

Maintenance Menu

Maintenance Menu Parameters

Changing the Maintenance Menu

List/Test Print Menu

List/Test Print Menu Parameters

Printing a Configuration Page

Interpreting the Configuration Page

System Menu

System Menu Parameters

Changing the System Menu

Print Settings Menu

Print Settings Menu Parameters

Changing the Print Settings Menu

Security Options Menu

Security Options Menu Parameters

Changing the Security Options Menu

Host Interface Menu

Host Interface Menu Parameters

Changing the Host Interface Menu

Language Menu

Language Menu Parameters

Changing the Language Menu

Options Menu

Options Menu Parameters

Checking the Error Log

Monitoring and Configuring the Printer

Using Web Image Monitor

Introduction to Web Image Monitor

Displaying Top Page

When User Authentication is Set

About Menu and Mode

Access in the Administrator Mode

Displaying Web Image Monitor Help

Registering Classification Codes

Configuring Classification Codes

Address Book Backup and Restore

Backing Up Address Book Data

Restoring Address Book Data

Using SmartDeviceMonitor for Admin

When Using IPP with SmartDeviceMonitor for Client

Printer Status Notification by E-Mail

Auto E-mail Notification

On-demand E-mail Notification

Mail Authentication

Sending On-demand E-mail

Using a Printer Server

Preparing Printer Server

Printing notification via SmartDeviceMonitor for Client

Using NetWare

Setting Up as a Print Server (NetWare 3.x)

Setting Up as a Print Server (NetWare 4.x, 5 / 5.1, 6 / 6.5)

Using Pure IP in the NetWare 5 / 5.1 or 6 / 6.5 Environment

Setting Up as a Remote Printer (NetWare 3.x)

Setting Up as a Remote Printer (NetWare 4.x, 5 / 5.1, 6 / 6.5)

Mac OS Configuration

Using PostScript 3

Job Type

Paper Type


Fit to Paper

Economy Color

Image Smoothing

Color Mode


Color Setting

Color Profile


Gray Reproduction

Black Over Print

Separate into CMYK

CMYK Simulation Profile

Rotate by 180 degrees

Orientation Override


Watermark Text

Watermark Font

Watermark Size

Watermark Angle

Watermark Style


When Using Windows Terminal Service/Citrix Presentation Server/Citrix XenApp

Operating Environment

Supported Printer Drivers


Using DHCP

Using AutoNet

Configuring the WINS Server

Using Web Image Monitor

Using telnet

Using the Dynamic DNS Function


DNS Servers Targeted for Operation

DHCP Servers Targeted for Operation

Setting the Dynamic DNS Function


Connecting a Dial-Up Router to a Network

When the Wireless LAN Interface Unit Is Installed

Copyright Information about Installed Applications



FreeBSD 4.6.2/netipx

Sablotron(Version 0.82)




Open SSL

Open SSH



IPSTM print language emulations



WPA Supplicant