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Replacing an Ink Collector Unit

Follow the procedure below to replace an ink collector unit.


  • Keep the polythene materials (bags, gloves, etc.) supplied with this machine away from babies and small children at all times. Suffocation can result if polythene materials are brought into contact with the mouth or nose.


  • Keep the ink collector unit out of reach of children.

  • When replacing the ink collector unit, be careful not to spill ink on your clothes or nearby objects. Ink stains can be hard to remove.

  • If ink comes into contact with your eyes, rinse immediately in running water. For other symptoms, consult a doctor.

  • If ink is ingested, induce vomiting by drinking a strong saline solution. Consult a doctor immediately.

  • If your skin comes into contact with ink, wash the affected area thoroughly with soap and water.


Replace the ink collector unit when the following message appears on the control panel:

The following message appears when the ink collector unit is full.

Ink Collector       
Unit is Full        
Replace Ink         
Collector Unit      
  1. Remove the ink collector unit' packaging.

  2. While pressing the recessed area (1) of the right front cover, open the cover (2).

    printer body illustration

  3. Wait at least five seconds, and then remove the full ink collector unit from the printer.

    Ink Collector Unit illustration

    When pulling the unit out, keep the unit level and press on the area marked "Push".

  4. Put the Ink collector unit in the supplied plastic bag.

    Ink Collector Unit illustration

  5. Insert the new ink collector unit.

    Ink Collector Unit illustration

  6. Slide the ink collector unit carefully into the printer, until you hear it click.

    Ink Collector Unit illustration

  7. Close the right front cover.