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Manuals for This Machine

Manuals List

What You Can Do with This Machine

Using This Machine as a Copier

Using This Machine as a Printer

Utilizing Stored Documents

Connecting Two Machines for Copying

Paperless Fax Transmission and Reception

Fax Transmission and Reception Over the Internet

Using the Facsimile and the Scanner in a Network Environment

Administrating the Machine/Protecting Documents (Security Functions)

Monitoring and Setting the Machine Via Computer

Preventing an Unauthorized Copy



How to Read This Manual


Machine Types

Names of Major Items


Safety Information

Safety During Operation

Safety Precautions to be Followed

Safety Labels of This Machine

Positions of WARNING and CAUTION labels

Power Switch Symbols


Energy Saving Functions

Laws and Regulations

Legal Prohibition

Laser Safety

Notes to users in the United States of America

Simple Search

Searching by What You Want to Do

I Want to Reduce my Costs!

I Want to Convert Documents to Electronic Formats Easily!

I Want to Register Destinations!

I Want to Operate the Machine More Effectively!

Searching by Keyword






Getting Started

Guide to Components


External options

Internal options

Control Panel

Display Panel

Simplified Display

Changing the Display Language

When the Authentication Screen is Displayed

User Code Authentication (Using the Control Panel)

User Code Authentication (Using a Printer Driver)

Login (Using the Control Panel)

Logout (Using the Control Panel)

Login (Using a Printer Driver)

Login (Using Web Image Monitor)

Logout (Using Web Image Monitor)

Changing Modes

System Reset

Turning On/Off the Power

Turning On the Main Power

Turning On the Power

Turning Off the Power

Turning Off the Main Power

Saving Energy

Adding Paper

Loading Paper

Loading Paper into Tray 1 (Tandem Tray)

Loading Paper into Tray 2 and 3

Loading Paper into the Large Capacity Tray

Loading Paper into the Interposer

Orientation-Fixed Paper or Two-Sided Paper

Changing the Paper Size

Changing the Paper Size in Tray 2 and 3

Changing to a Size That Is Not Automatically Detected

Recommended Paper Sizes and Types

Thick Paper

Unusable Paper

Paper Storage

Adding Toner and Staples

Adding Toner

Replacing Toner

Sending Faxes or Scanned Documents When Toner Has Run Out

Used Toner

Adding Staples

Finisher SR4030

Finisher SR4040

Finisher SR4040 (Saddle Stitch)

Finisher SR4050

Entering Text

Entering Text

Available Characters


How to Enter Text

Operating Instructions

Installing Operating Instructions

How to Use the Operating Instructions

Opening from the Icon

Opening from the [Start] Menu

Opening from the CD-ROM

PDF Manuals


Dos and Don'ts

Where to Put Your Machine

Machine Environment

Power Connection

Maintaining Your Machine

Cleaning the Exposure Glass

Cleaning the Auto Document Feeder

Cleaning the Power Cable Plug


Displaying the Total Counter



Software and Utilities Included on the CD-ROM

Viewing the Contents of the CD-ROM

Printer Drivers for This Machine

TWAIN Driver

LAN-Fax Driver

DeskTopBinder Lite

SmartDeviceMonitor for Admin

DeskTopBinder-SmartDeviceMonitor for Client

Specifications for the Main Unit

Auto Document Feeder

Document Server

Specifications for Finisher SR4030 (Optional)

Finisher Upper Tray

Finisher Shift Tray

Specifications for Finisher SR4040 (Optional)

Finisher Upper Tray

Finisher Shift Tray

Finisher Booklet Tray

Specifications for Finisher SR4050 (Optional)

Finisher Upper Tray

Finisher Shift Tray

Specifications for Punch Unit (Finisher SR4030, Finisher SR4040) (Optional)

Specifications for Punch Unit (Finisher SR4050) (Optional)

Specifications for Copy Tray (Optional)

Specifications for Output Jogger (Finisher SR4030, Finisher SR4040) (Optional)

Specifications for Output Jogger (Finisher SR4050) (Optional)

Specifications for Mailbox (Optional)

Specifications for Interposer (Optional)

Specifications for Multi-Folding Unit (Optional)

Specifications for Large Capacity Tray (LCT) (Optional)

Specifications for IEEE 1284 Interface Board (Optional)

Specifications for Wireless LAN Board (Optional)

Specifications for Bluetooth Interface Unit (Optional)

Specifications for Gigabit Ethernet (Optional)

Specifications for Other Options