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Printing the printer configurations

On the [User Tools] tab, you can print lists of printer information.


  • You can print the configuration page only when the printer is not busy processing jobs.

  • To use this function, the printer must be monitored from Smart Organizing Monitor via a supported printer driver.

In the [List/Test Print] list, select the item you want to print. You can print the following:

Configuration Page

Prints the current configurations and general information of the printer.

Menu List

Prints the menu list showing all available menus.

Test Page

Prints a test page for checking the printing condition. The test page contains network settings and counter information.

PCL Config./Font Page

Prints the current configuration and installed PCL font list.

PS Config./Font Page

Prints the current configuration and installed PostScript font list.

Use the printed configuration page to check the information, such as general information and printer configuration.

The procedure for printing the configuration page is described as an example.

1On the [User Tools] tab, in the [List/Test Print] list, select [Configuration Page].

2Click [Print].

The configuration page is printed.