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Printer Status Notification by E-Mail

Whenever a toner cartridge becomes empty or paper is jammed, an e-mail alert is issued to the registered addresses to notify the printer status.


  • This function is available only if you are using this printer in a network environment.

  • Depending on your e-mail application, a phishing warning might appear after you receive an e-mail message. To prevent phishing warnings appearing after you receive e-mail from a specified sender, you must add the sender to your e-mail application's exclusion list. For details about how to do this, refer to your e-mail application's Help.

For this notification, you can make the e-mail notification settings.

You can be notified of the following events:

Also you can see the information of the printer, such as Machine name, serial number and total counter.

1Open a Web browser, and then enter “http://(printer's address)/” in the address bar.

Top Page of Web Image Monitor appears.

2Click [Login].

The window for entering the login user name and password appears.

3Enter the user name and password, and then click [OK].

For details about the login user name and password, consult your network administrator.

4In the menu area, click [Configuration].

5Click [Network].

The [Network] page appears.

6Set [Auto E-mail Notification] to [On].

7Make the necessary settings:

  • Items in the SNMP Setting column: Configure the SMTP server. Check your mailing environment, and then specify the necessary items. You can also perform mail authentication for the SMTP server.

8Click [OK].


  • You can set [Auto E-mail Notification:] to [On] using Smart Organizing Monitor.

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