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Displaying the printer status

The left side of the [Status] tab shows the printer name and tree. Click an item in the tree to display information relating to it.


Displays the following messages to indicate remaining toner levels for each color of toner: Remaining Level 1 to 5, “Almost Empty” and “Empty”.

Graphics also indicate remaining toner levels.

Input Tray

You can check the following information about the input trays.

  • Input Tray

    Displays the installed input trays.

  • Status

    Displays the input tray status, "Out of Paper" or "Status OK".

  • Paper Size

    Displays the size of the paper loaded into each input tray.

  • Paper Type

    Displays the type of the paper loaded into each input tray.


Displays the name of consumables and uses graphics to indicate their statuses.


Displays the system information about the printer, such as the model name, system version, and memory size.


Displays information about the counters.


Displays network details such as the printer's IP address and network-related comments.


  • For details about each item in the Smart Organizing Monitor dialog box, see Smart Organizing Monitor Help.

  • You can print information that appears on the [Status] tab. For details, see Printing the printer configurations.