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PCL Menu Parameters

This section explains about parameters that can be set on the PCL Menu.


You can select the page orientation.

Default: Portrait

  • Portrait

  • Landscape

Form Lines

You can specify the number of lines per page between 5 and 128.

Default: image 64, image 60

Font Number

You can specify the ID of the default font you want to use.

Default: 0

Point Size

You can specify the point size you want to use for the default font between 4 and 999.75 in 0.25 increments.

Default: 12.00 points

Font Pitch

You can specify the number of characters per inch you want to use for the default font between 0.44 and 99.99 in 0.01 increments.

This setting is effective only for fixed-space fonts.

Default: 10.00 pitch

Symbol Set

You can specify the character set for the default font. Available sets are as follows:

Roman-8, Roman-9, ISO L1, ISO L2, ISO L5, PC-8, PC-8 D/N, PC-850, PC-852, PC-858, PC8-TK, Win L1, Win L2, Win L5, Desktop, PS Text, VN Intl, VN US, MS Publ, Math-8, PS Math, VN Math, Pifont, Legal, ISO 4, ISO 6, ISO 11, ISO 15, ISO 17, ISO 21, ISO 60, ISO 69, Win 3.0, MC Text, ISO L6, ISO L9, PC-755, PC-1004, Win Balt

Default: PC8-TK

Courier Font

You can select a courier-type font.

Default: Regular

  • Regular

  • Dark

Ext. A4 Width

You can extend the width of the printable area of A4 portrait paper by reducing side margin width.

Default: Off

  • Off

  • On

Append CR to LF

You can specify whether or not to append a CR code to each LF code to print text data clearly.

Default: Off

  • Off

  • On


You can specify the print resolution in dots per inch.

600x600 dpi 1bit

  • 600x600 dpi 1bit

  • 600x600 dpi 2bit

  • 600x600 dpi 4bit