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Making printer settings from an application

You can make printer settings for a specific application.

To make printer settings for a specific application, open the [Printing Preferences] dialog box from that application. The following explains how to make settings for the WordPad application provided with Windows 2000.

1On the [File] menu, click [Print...].

The [Print] dialog box appears.

2Select the printer you want to use in the [Select Printer] list, and then click [Preferences].

3Make the necessary settings, and then click [Apply] to start printing.


  • The procedure to open the [Printing Preferences] dialog box may vary depending on the application. For details, see the manuals provided with the application you use.

  • Any settings you make in the procedure above are valid for the current application only.

  • General users can change the properties displayed in the [Print] dialog box of an application. Settings made here are used as defaults when printing from this application.


  • For details about settings, see the printer driver Help.