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Replacing the Print Cartridge


  • Do not incinerate used toner or toner containers. Toner dust might ignite when exposed to an open flame. Dispose of used toner containers in accordance with local regulations.

  • Do not store toner, used toner, or toner containers in a place with an open flame. The toner might ignite and cause burns of a fire.


  • Keep toner (used or unused) and toner containers out of reach of children.

  • If toner or used toner is inhaled, gargle with plenty of water and move into a fresh air environment. Consult a doctor if necessary.

  • Avoid getting toner on your clothes or skin when removing a paper jam or replacing toner. If your skin comes into contact with toner, wash the affected area thoroughly with soap and water.

  • If toner gets on your clothing, wash with cold water. Hot water will set the toner into the fabric and may make removing the stain impossible.

  • If toner or used toner gets into your eyes, flush immediately with large amounts of water. Consult a doctor if necessary.

  • If toner or used toner is swallowed, dilute by drinking a large amount of water. Consult a doctor if necessary.

  • Be careful not to trap your fingers when opening or closing the top cover.


  • Store print cartridges in a cool dark place.

  • Actual printable numbers vary depending on image volume and density, number of pages printed at a time, paper type and size, and environmental conditions such as temperature and humidity. Toner quality degrades over time. Early replacement of the print cartridge might be necessary. Therefore, we recommend you always keep a new print cartridge ready.

  • For good print quality, the supplier recommends that you use genuine toner from the supplier.

  • The supplier shall not be responsible for any damage or expense that might result from the use of parts other than genuine parts from the supplier with your office products.

When to replace the print cartridge

If the Alert indicator on the control panel lights up and the following message appears on the display, replace the print cartridge:

“Replace (Color) Print Cartridge”

  • If cyan, magenta, or yellow toner runs out, you can print in black and white using black toner. Change the color mode setting to Black and White using the printer driver.

  • If black toner runs out, you cannot print in black and white or color until the black print cartridge is replaced.


  • Do not allow paper clips, staples, or other small metallic objects to fall inside the machine.

  • Do not expose the print cartridge without its cover to direct sunlight for a long time.

  • Do not touch the print cartridge's photo conductor unit.


  • Do not touch the ID chip on the side of the print cartridge.


  • When removing print cartridges, be careful not to touch the Laser Scanning Unit on the underside of the upper cover (the white area in the illustration below).


1Pull up Top Cover Open Lever to open the top cover.


From the rear, the print cartridges are installed in the order of cyan (C), magenta (M), yellow (Y), and black (K).

2Gripping its center, carefully pull the print cartridge upward and out.


  • Do not shake the removed print cartridge. Remaining toner may leak.

  • Place the old print cartridge on paper or some other material to avoid dirtying your workspace.

  • Color is labeled on each print cartridge.

3Take the new print cartridge out of the box, and then take it out of the plastic bag.


4Hold the print cartridge and shake it from side to side five or six times.


Even distribution of toner within the bottle improves print quality.

5Remove the cover from the print cartridge.


6Check the toner color and location correspond, and carefully insert the print cartridge vertically.


7Close the top cover with both hands carefully. Be careful not to trap your fingers.


Wait while the toner loads.

To avoid malfunction, do not turn off the power while “Loading Toner...” appears on the display.

8Put the cover that you removed in step 5 on the old print cartridge. Then, put the old print cartridge into the bag, and then put it into the box.



  • Make sure to cover the old print cartridge with the protective cover for recycling and environmental purposes.

  • Comply with the print cartridge Recycling Program, whereby used print cartridges are collected for processing. For details, ask your sales or service representative.