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Print Cartridge

Print cartridge

Average number of pages printable per cartridge*1


2,500 pages

Black (High yield)

6,500 pages


2,500 pages

Cyan (High yield)

6,000 pages


2,500 pages

Magenta (High yield)

6,000 pages


2,500 pages

Yellow (High yield)

6,000 pages

*1 The printable number of pages is based on pages that are compliant with ISO/IEC 19798 and the image density set as the factory default. ISO/IEC 19798 is an international standard on measurement of printable pages, set by the International Organization for Standardization.

The number of printable pages varies depending on which of the two different types of print cartridge you have installed.


  • If print cartridges are not changed when necessary, printing will become impossible. We recommend keeping a stock of bottles or purchasing them soon.

  • The actual number of printable pages varies depending on the image volume and density, number of pages to be printed at a time, paper type and paper size used, and environmental conditions such as temperature and humidity.

  • Print cartridges may need to be changed sooner than indicated above due to deterioration over the period of use.

  • Print cartridges (consumables) are not covered by warranty. However, if there is a problem, contact the store where they were purchased.

  • When you first use this printer, use the four print cartridges packaged with the printer.

  • The supplied print cartridge is good for approximately 1,000 pages.

  • This printer routinely performs cleaning and uses toner during operation to maintain quality.

  • To prevent a cleaning malfunction, you may need to replace a print cartridge even if it is a not empty.

  • If the toner has run out but you urgently need to continue printing, see Other Printing Problems.