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Loading Paper


  • Do not use ink-jet printer paper because it may stick to the fusing unit and cause a paper misfeed.

  • Do not load OHP transparencies. Load translucent media only.

  • Set the paper as described below.

    • Tray 1: Print side facing up

    • Bypass Tray: Print side facing down.

    • Paper Feed Unit (Tray 2): Print side facing up

  • Print quality cannot be guaranteed if paper other than the ones recommended is used. For more information about recommended paper, contact your sales or service representative.

  • Do not use paper that has already been printed onto by other printers.

  • When loading the printer, take care not to touch the surface of the paper.

  • Do not use dirty or damaged paper.

  • Specify the paper size and type using the control panel.

  • The remaining paper indicator on the right front side of the paper tray shows approximately how much paper is remaining.