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Control Panel


  1. Alert Indicator

    Lights up whenever a printer error occurs.

    Use Display to check the error.

  2. Ready Indicator

    Lights up when the printer is ready to receive data from a computer. Flashes when the printer is warming up or receiving data.

  3. [Stop/Start] key

    If you press this key, the printer stops receiving data, and printing is not possible.

    Press the [Stop/Start] key again to return to the ready condition.

  4. [Job Reset] key

    Press this key to cancel a job that is printing out.

  5. [Menu] key

    Press this key to make and check the current printer settings.

  6. Display

    Display current printer status and error message

  7. [Escape] key

    Press this key to return to the previous condition on the display.

  8. Scroll Keys

    Press to move the cursor in each direction, step by step.

  9. [#Enter] key

    Press this key to execute menu items selection on.