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Exterior: Front View


  1. Top Cover

    Open this cover to replace the print cartridge.

  2. Control Panel

    Contains keys for printer control and indicators that shows the printer status.

  3. Front Cover

    Open this cover to replace the waste toner bottle or remove jammed paper.

    To open this cover, pull the lever on the right side of the printer.

  4. Power Switch

    Use this switch to turn the power on and off.

  5. Bypass Tray

    Load paper sheet by sheet.

  6. Tray 1

    Up to 250 sheets of plain paper can be loaded.

  7. Top Cover Open Lever

  8. Standard tray extension

    Use this to support sheets that come out curled after they are printed.

    Flip open the extension by pushing down on the end that is toward the rear of the machine.

  9. Stop Fence

    Use these to stop legal-size or A4-size prints falling behind the machine.

    For legal-size prints, raise the rear fence.

    For A4-size prints, raise the forward fence.

  10. Standard Tray

    Output is stacked here with the print side down.