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Messages Displayed on the Control Panel When Using the Printer Function

This section describes likely causes of and possible solutions for the error messages that appear on the control panel.





"Authentication has failed."

The entered login user name or login password is not correct.

Inquire the user administrator for the correct login user name and login password.

"Authentication has failed."

The machine cannot perform authentication.

Contact the administrator.

"Cannot connect with the wireless card. Turn the main power switch off, then check the card."

  • The wireless LAN interface unit was not inserted when the machine was turned on.

  • The wireless LAN interface unit was pulled out after the machine turned on.

  • The settings are not updated although the unit is detected.

Turn off the machine, and check the wireless LAN interface unit is inserted correctly. Then, turn the machine on again. If the message appears again, call your service representative.

"The selected file(s) contained file(s) without access privileges. Only file(s) with access privileges will be deleted."

You have tried to delete files without the authority to do so.

Files can be deleted by the person who created the file. To delete a file which you are not authorized to delete, contact the person who created the file.

"The tray selected for other pages is the same as the one for Slip Sheets ([Designate]). Cannot print. Check the setting."

The tray selected for other pages is the same as the one for slip sheets.

Reset the job. Be sure the tray you select for slip sheets is not providing paper for other pages.

"Updating the destination list... Please wait. Specified destination(s) or sender's name has been cleared."

The destination list is being updated from the network using SmartDeviceMonitor for Admin or Web Image Monitor.

Wait until the message disappears. Do not switch off the power while this message is displayed. Depending on the number of destinations to be updated, there may be some delay before you can resume operation. Operations are not possible while this message is displayed.

"You do not have the privileges to use this function."

The logged in user name does not have permission for the selected function.

Contact the administrator about the permission for the required function.