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Turning Off the Main Power / In the Event of Power Failure

The following notes concern power failure and turning off the machine.


  • When you disconnect the power plug from the wall outlet, always pull the plug (not the cable).


Even if the main power switch is turned off, the contents of the machine memory (for example, programmed numbers) will not be lost. However, if power is lost for about one hour because the main power switch is turned off, there is a power cut, or the power cable is removed, contents of the Fax memory are lost. Lost items will include any fax documents stored in memory using Memory Transmission/Reception, or Memory Lock.

If a file was deleted from memory, a Power Failure Report is automatically printed as soon as the power is restored.

This report can be used to identify lost files. If a memory stored for Memory Transmission was lost, resend it. If a document received by Memory Reception or Substitute Reception was lost, ask the sender to resend it.