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Adjusting the Volume

This section describes how to adjust the volume.

You can change the volume of the following sounds that the machine makes.

On Hook Mode

Heard when [On Hook] is pressed.

At Transmission

Heard when "Immediate Transmission" is performed.

At Reception

Heard when the machine receives a document.

At Dialing

Heard after pressing the [Start] key, until the line connects to the destination.

At Printing

Heard when a received document is printed.

  1. Press the [User Tools / Counter] key.

    User Tools/Counter key illustration

  2. Press [Facsimile Features].

  3. Check that [General Settings] screen appears.

  4. Press [Adjust Sound Volume].

    Operation panel screen illustration

  5. Press [Lower] or [Louder] to adjust the volume, and then press [OK].

    Operation panel screen illustration

    You can hear the actual volume by pressing [Check].

    If you press [Cancel], the volume setting is canceled. The display returns to that of step 4.

    You can set the volume level to between 0 and 7.

  6. Press the [User Tools / Counter] key.

    The standby display appears.