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Basic Network TWAIN Scanner Procedure

This section explains the basic procedure for scanning with the network TWAIN scanner.


The following procedure uses Windows XP and DeskTopBinder Lite by way of example.

  1. On the [Start] menu, point to [All Programs], point to DeskTopBinder, and then click DeskTopBinder.

  2. On the [Tools] menu, click [Scanner Settings...].

  3. Click [Select Scanner Driver...].

  4. Select the name of the machine you want to use in the list, and then click [Select].

  5. Click [OK].

  6. Place originals.

  7. On the [File] menu, point to [Add Document], and then click [Scan...] to display the Scanner Control dialog box.

    The Scanner Control dialog box and DeskTopBinder viewer will appear.

    A dialog box that is used to control a scanner using the TWAIN driver is referred to as the Scanner Control dialog box.

  8. Make settings according to such factors as the type of original, type of scanning, and orientation of the original.

    For details, see the TWAIN driver Help.

  9. In the Scanner Control dialog box, click [Scan].

    Depending on the security setting, if you press [Scan], a dialog box for entering the user name and password may appear.

    If there are more originals to be scanned, place the next original, and then click [Continue].

    If there are no more originals to be scanned, click [Complete].

  10. On the [File] menu of the DeskTopBinder viewer, click [Exit].

  11. Enter the file name, and then click [OK].

    The DeskTopBinder viewer closes and the image is stored in DeskTopBinder Lite.


    • If you have already selected a scanner, you do not need to select the scanner unless you want to change it.

    • Using DeskTopBinder, you can edit and print scan files. For more information about DeskTopBinder, see DeskTopBinder manuals.

    • The model name of the connected scanner appears in the title bar of the Scanner Control dialog box. If there is more than one scanner of the same model on the network, make sure you have selected the correct scanner. If you have not, click [Select Scanner Driver...], and then select the scanner again. If the correct scanner does not appear in the list, check that the scanner is correctly connected to the network and that its IPv4 address has been specified. If the correct scanner still does not appear, consult the network administrator.