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Changing a Scan Profile

This section explains how to change a scan profile. A scan profile contains scan settings specified on a client computer.

Whenever the machine is first registered to a computer, a profile is created automatically. Using the following procedure, you can change this profile on the computer.

  1. On the [Start] menu, click [Control Panel].

    Control Panel opens.

  2. Click [Hardware and Sound].

    The [Scanners and Cameras] dialog box appears.

  3. Select this machine, and then click [Scan Profiles].

    The [Scan Profiles] window appears.

  4. Select a profile, and then click [Edit].

    The changed profile dialog box appears.

  5. Configure the necessary settings.

  6. Click [Save Profile].

    The changed scan settings are saved as a profile.

The following table tells you the scan profile settings that you can configure.

Scan Profile Items and Settings


Scan settings

Profile name:

Enter the profile name.


Select one of the following:


Feeder (Scan one side)

Feeder (Scan both sides)

Paper size:

If you select [Feeder (Scan one side)] or [Feeder (Scan both sides)] in [Source], you must specify the paper size.

Color format:

Select one of the following:



Black and white

File type:

Select one of the following:

BMP (Bitmap Image)

JPG (JPEG Image)

PNG (PNG Image)

TIF (TIFF Image)

Resolution (DPI):

Specify the resolution.


The setting you specify here will not be applied for scanning.


The setting you specify here will not be applied for scanning.



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