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Enabling WSD using Web Image Monitor

To use this machine as a WSD scanner, you must first configure the following settings using Web Image Monitor on a client computer:

Use the following procedure to set the WSD scanner function to [On].

  1. On the [Start] menu, click [Network].

  2. Double-click the icon for this machine.

  3. Click [Login].

    The Web Image Monitor login page appears.

  4. Enter your login user name and password in the [Login User Name] and [Login Password] boxes respectively, and then click [Login].

    Consult your administrator if you require a login user name and password.

  5. On the menu in the left frame, click [Configuration].

  6. Under [Scanner], click [Initial Settings].

    The [Initial Settings] page appears.

  7. Set [WSD (Scanner)] to [On].

  8. Click [OK].