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DeskTopBinder Lite

This section tells you the file path to DeskTopBinder Lite, the DeskTopBinder Lite system requirements, and the applications that are installed with DeskTopBinder Lite.

DeskTopBinder is installed on the client computers to integrate and manage various kinds of files such as scan files, files created with applications, and existing scan files. This software allows you to use various functions for stored scan files such as viewing stored files. Also, with ScanRouter delivery software, you can view the files stored in in-trays of the delivery server or use other functions for stored files. For details about DeskTopBinder Lite, see DeskTopBinder Lite manuals or DeskTopBinder Lite Help.

File path

DeskTopBinder Lite is stored in the following folder on the CD-ROM provided with this machine:


System requirements

  • Computer hardware

    PC/AT-compatible machines that support the following operating system properly

  • Operating system

    Microsoft Windows 2000 Professional SP1 or later

    Microsoft Windows 2000 Server SP1 or later

    Microsoft Windows 2000 Advanced Server SP1 or later

    Microsoft Windows XP Professional/Home Edition

    Microsoft Windows Vista Ultimate/Enterprise/Business/Home Premium/Home Basic

    Microsoft Windows Server 2003 Standard Edition/Enterprise Edition

    Microsoft Windows Server 2003 R2 Standard Edition/Enterprise Edition

    Microsoft Windows Server 2008 Standard/Enterprise

  • Display resolution

    800 × 600 pixels, 64K colors or higher

Software installed with DeskTopBinder Lite

  • Auto Document Link

    Auto Document Link on the client computer monitors in-trays of the delivery server periodically, retrieves files delivered to in-trays, and notifies the user of delivery.

  • Function Palette

    Function Palette allows you to use DeskTopBinder functions such as Scan using TWAIN scanner or Print without starting DeskTopBinder. To use these functions from Function Palette, you must first configure those using DeskTopBinder Extended Features. For details about Function Palette, see DeskTopBinder manuals.

  • SmartDeviceMonitor for Client

    SmartDeviceMonitor for Client provides functions for continuous device status monitoring on the network via TCP/IP or IPX/SPX.