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Printing a Stored Print file

The following procedure describes how to print a Stored Print file with the PCL 5c/6 and the RPCS printer driver. For details about how to print a Stored Print file with the PostScript 3 printer driver, see Postscript 3 Supplement included as a PDF file on the supplied CD-ROM.


  1. Configure Stored Print in the printer driver's properties.

    You can select two methods of Stored Print:

    • [Stored Print]

      Stores the file in the printer and prints it later using the control panel.

    • [Store and Normal Print]

      Prints the file at once and also stores the file in the machine.

    For details about configuring the printer drivers, see the relevant Help files.

  2. Click [Details...], and then enter a User ID in the [User ID:] box.

    You can also set a password. The same password must be entered when printing or deleting.

  3. Start printing from the application's [Print] dialog box.

    The Stored Print job is sent to the machine and stored.

  4. On the machine's control panel, press the [Printer] key to display the Printer screen.

  5. Press [Print Jobs].

    Operation panel screen illustration

  6. Press [Stored Print Job List].

    Operation panel screen illustration

    A list of Stored Print files stored in the machine appears.

  7. Select the file you want to print, and press [Print].

    Operation panel screen illustration

    The confirmation screen appears.

    If you set a password in the printer driver, a password confirmation screen appears. Enter the password.

    If multiple print files are selected, and some of these require a password, the machine prints files that correspond to the entered password and files that do not require a password. The number of files to be printed is displayed on the confirmation screen.

    If you forgot your password, ask your file administrator for help.

  8. Enter the number of sets using the number keys.

    Operation panel screen illustration

    You can enter up to 999 sets.

    Press the [Clear/Stop] key to correct any entry mistakes.

  9. Press [Yes].

    The Stored Print file is printed.

    Press [No] to cancel printing.