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Using Web Image Monitor

  1. Start a Web browser.

  2. Enter "http://(machine's IP address or host name) /" in the address bar to access the printer whose settings you want to change.

    Top Page of Web Image Monitor appears.

  3. Click [Login].

    The dialog box for entering the user name and password appears.

  4. Enter the user name and password, and then click [Login].

    Contact your administrator for information about the settings.

  5. In the left area, click [Configuration], and then click [Network].

  6. Click [TCP/IP].

  7. Check that [Enable] is selected for [WINS] in the [Ethernet + Wireless LAN] column, and then enter the WINS server IPv4 address in [Primary WINS Server] and [Secondary WINS Server].

  8. Click [Apply].

  9. Quit Web Image Monitor.