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The direct printing port enables direct printing from a network-connected computer.

Use the "diprint" command to change direct printing port settings.

View settings

The following command displays the current direct printing port settings:

msh> diprint

Example output:

port 9100


bidirect on

conn multi

apl async

  • The "port" specifies the port number of the direct printing port.

  • The "bidirect" setting indicates whether the direct printing port is bidirectional or not.

Setting timeout

msh> diprint timeout [30-5535]

  • You can specify the timeout interval to use when the printer is expecting data from the network.

  • The default is 300 seconds.

  • This command functions in conjunction with the "lpr" command.

Specifying the number of concurrent connections

msh> diprint conn {multi|single}

  • The above command specifies the number of concurrent diprint connections. Specify "multi" for multiple connections or "single" for a single connection.

  • The default is "multi".