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Transmitting Journal by E-mail

Use this function to send the Journal to the administrator's e-mail address.

The Journal is sent automatically after every 50 communications. A CSV format Journal is attached to the e-mail.


  • To transmit the Journal by e-mail, it is necessary to make settings with User Parameter (switch 21, bit 4) in the Facsimile Features menu. See “Parameter Settings”.

  • This machine does not store sent CSV files. It is recommended that you double-check the e-mail address of an administrator before the Journal is transmitted. If the e-mail address of the administrator is not correct, your important Journal may be lost. Sent CSV files are not left on the fax machine.


  • If the administrator's address is wrong, you may not be able to acquire the Journal.

  • If the Journal fails to be transmitted in e-mail format, the Journal is printed out.

  • The name of an attached CSV file is “JOURNALplusyear, month, date, hours, minutes”. For example, the file name transmitted in 14:40 on 20th, December, 2007 is “JOURNAL200712201440.csv”.

  • The subject of a Journal sent by e-mail begins with “Journal”.

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