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Registering an SMB Folder

This section describes how to register an SMB folder.

  1. Press the [User Tools/Counter] key.

  2. Press [System Settings].

    Operation panel screen illustration

  3. Press [Administrator Tools].

  4. Press [Address Book Management].

  5. Check that [Program / Change] is selected.

  6. Select the name whose folder you want to register.

    Press the name key, or enter the registered number using the number keys.

  7. Press [Auth. Info], and then press [Down arrow keyNext].

    Operation panel screen illustration

  8. Press [Specify Other Auth. Info] on the right side of Folder Authentication.

    When [Do not Specify] is selected, the SMB User Name and SMB Password that you have specified in Default User Name/Password (Send) of File Transfer settings applies.

  9. Press [Change] under "Login User Name".

  10. Enter the login user name, and then press [OK].

  11. Press [Change] under "Login Password".

  12. Enter the password, and then press [OK].

  13. Enter the password again to confirm, and then press [OK].

  14. Press [Folder].

  15. Press [SMB].

    To specify a folder, you can either enter the path manually or locate the folder by browsing the network.

    Operation panel screen illustration

  16. Specify the path.

    For details about how to specify the path manually, see "Locating the SMB folder manually".

    For details about how to specify the path using Browse Network, see "Locating the SMB folder using Browse Network".

  17. Press [Connection Test] to check the path is set correctly.

  18. Press [Exit].

    If the connection test fails, check the settings, and then try again.

  19. Press [OK].

  20. Press [Exit].

  21. Press the [User Tools/Counter] key.



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