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Manuals for This Printer

Refer to the manuals that are relevant to what you want to do with the printer.


Safety Information

Contains information about safe usage of this printer.

To avoid injury and prevent damage to the printer, be sure to read this.

Quick Installation Guide

Contains procedures for removing the printer from its box, connecting it to a computer, and installing its driver.

Hardware Guide

Contains information about paper and procedures such as installing options, replacing consumables, responding to error messages, and resolving jams.

Software Guide

Contains information about using this printer, its software, and its security functions.

Security Guide

Contains information for administrators of the printer. It explains security functions that the administrators can use to prevent data tampering or unauthorized use of the printer. Also refer to this manual for the procedure for registering an administrator, as well as setting user and administrator authentication.

UNIX Supplement

For "UNIX Supplement", please visit our Web site or consult an authorized dealer.

This manual includes descriptions of functions and settings that might not be available on this printer.


*1 Optional