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OHP transparencies

Printer setup

Press the [Menu] key, Select [Paper Input], [Paper Type: (tray name)], and then select [OHP (Transparency)].

Printer driver setup

Click [OHP Transparency] in the [Paper Type:] list.

Supported paper feeding tray

Any input tray can be used.

Paper capacity

  • Tray 1: 100

  • Tray 2,Tray 3, Tray 4 (Paper feed unit): 100

  • Bypass Tray: 100

Make sure paper is not stacked higher than the upper limit mark (Down arrow key) inside the tray. When using the bypass tray, make sure paper is not stacked higher than the paper guides inside it.

Duplex printing

Not supported

Additional cautions

  • Print speed for OHP transparencies is slower than for plain paper.

  • Due to switching modes, the printer will be on standby for thirty or forty seconds after the job was received.

  • We recommend that you use a 4000 ANSI lumen or brighter overhead projector to project OHP transparencies.