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Scanner Features

This section explains Scanner Features settings.

The displayed items differ depending on the model type.

To display the Scanner Features screen, press the [User Tools/Counter] key. For detailed setting method, see "Scanner Features", General Settings Guide.

Available Items in General Settings



Switch Title

Sets index to use when the list of destinations of this machine is displayed.

Update Delivery Server Destination List

Allows you to update the delivery server's destination list by pressing [Update Delivery Server Destination List]. To use this function, under [System Settings], set [Delivery Option] to [On].

Search Destination

Specify the default search destination list from the machine's address book or the LDAP server. To search through an LDAP server, under [System Settings], register the LDAP server, and then set [LDAP Search] to [On].

TWAIN Standby Time

Select the machine's response if a client computer tries to use the TWAIN scanner while scanning is in progress.

Destination List Display Priority 1

Select the default destination list from the machine's destination list or from the Destination List managed by the delivery server.

Destination List Display Priority 2

Select whether to prioritize the e-mail destination list or the folder destination list.

Print & Delete Scanner Journal

Specify the machine's response of the maximum number of scanner journals is exceeded.

Print Scanner Journal

Allows you to print the scanner journal. The scanner journal is then deleted.

Delete Scanner Journal

Allows you to delete the scanner journal without printing it.

Available Items in Scan Settings



A.C.S. Sensitivity Level

Allows you to set the sensitivity level for judging color/black and white for scanning originals when [Scan Type] is set to [Auto Colour Select].

Wait Time for Next Orig.: Exposure Glass

Set which operation the machine performs while waiting for additional originals after scanning from the exposure glass.

Wait Time for Next Original(s): SADF

Sets the operation of this machine on the queue for additional originals after scanning the originals with Automatic Document Feeder (ADF).

Background Density of ADS (Full Colour)

Sets the [Auto Density] level when scanning originals in full color. [Auto Density] corrects scanning density to improve the resolution of transparent originals and on-white paper such as newspaper.

Available Items in Send Settings



Compression (Black & White)

Specify a compression method for files scanned in black and white. For some originals, even if [On] is selected, compression setting is invalid and data cannot be compressed.

Compression (Gray Scale / Full Colour)

Specify a compression method for files scanned in gray scale or full color.

Compression (Gray Scale)

Specify a compression method for files scanned in

gray scale.

High Compression PDF Level

Specify the data compression method for High Compression PDF files.

Max. E-mail Size

Select whether or not to limit the size of e-mail that has attachments.

Divide & Send E-mail

Select whether or not to divide files that exceed the size specified in [Max. E-mail Size] and send them as multiple e-mails.

If [Yes (per Max. Size)] is selected, depending on the e-mail software, the received divided file may not be restored.

Insert Additional E-mail Info

Select whether or not to attach a standard message to scan files sent by e-mail. If you select [On], you must also select the language in which the message is sent.

No. of Digits for Single Page Files

Set the number of digits in serial numbers used for single-page file names.

Stored File E-mail Method

Sets the default for whether to attach a file or send URL Link when sending stored files by e-mail.

Available Items in Initial Settings



Menu Protect

Set the default access level for functions whose settings can be changed by users other than the administrator.