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Printing with the Finisher

You can collate, staple, or punch holes in printed paper by installing the optional finisher. Make sure you read the following precautions when using the optional finisher.


  • Make option settings for the machine using the printer driver when bidirectional communication is disabled.

  • Be sure to set the paper size and paper orientation in the printer driver when using duplex printing, booklet printing, combined printing (layout), staple, and punch.

  • The machine can have only one of the followings installed at any one time: Finisher SR790, Finisher SR3000, and Finisher SR3050.


  • Depending on the application, print settings may not be enabled and printed output may not be as expected.

  • When setting Staple or Collate in the printer driver, make sure that the Collate check box is cleared in the application's [Print] dialog box. If Collate is enabled in the application, printing will not be as intended.

  • When printing restarts after removing jammed paper, the printing position may be different, depending on the location of the jam.

    • If the paper jam occurred in the optional finisher, printing will restart from the top page of the data currently being printed, or from the page where the paper jam occurred.

    • If the paper jam occurred in the machine, printing will restart from the page where the paper jam occurred.

    • Even if the paper jam occurred in the machine, the error will not be cleared unless the cover of the finisher is opened and closed.

  • For details about duplex printing, booklet printing, or combined printing (layout), see the printer driver Help.

  • For details about optional finishers, see General Settings Guide.

  • To remove paper misfeeds, see Trouble Shooting.

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