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Use the “ipp” command to view and configure IPP settings.

Viewing settings

The following command displays the current IPP settings:

msh> ipp

IPP timeout configuration

Specify how many seconds the computer waits before canceling an interrupted print job. The time can be entered between 30 to 65535 seconds.

msh> ipp timeout [30-65535]

IPP user authorization configuration

Use IPP user authorization to restrict users to print with IPP. The default is “off”.

msh> ipp auth {basic|digest|off}

  • User authorization settings are “basic” and “digest”.

  • If user authorization is specified, register a user name. You can register up to 10 users.

IPP user name configuration

Configure IPP users according to the following messages:

msh> ipp user

The following message appears:

msh> Input user number (1 to 10):

Enter the number, user name, and password.

msh> IPP user name:user1

msh> IPP :*******

After configuring the settings, the following message appears:

User configuration changed.