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Specify the resolution according to the size of the text on the original.

Images and text are scanned into the machine by converting them to a sequence of dots. The density of the dots determines the quality of the image and how long it takes to transmit. Therefore, images scanned at high resolution (Super Fine) have high quality but transmission takes longer. Conversely, low resolution (Standard) scanning results in lower quality but the original is sent more quickly. Select the setting that matches your needs based upon this trade off between speed and image clarity.

Standard (8 × 3.85 lines/mm, 200 × 100 dpi)

Select for originals containing normal size characters.

Detail (8 × 7.7 lines/mm, 200 × 200 dpi)

Select for originals containing small characters or when you require greater clarity. This resolution is twice as fine as Standard.

Super Fine (optional expansion memory required: 16 × 15.4 lines/mm, 400 × 400 dpi)

Select for originals with very fine details or when you require the best possible image clarity. This resolution is eight times finer than Standard.

  1. Press [Scan Settings].

    Operation panel screen illustration

  2. Press [Resolution].

    Operation panel screen illustration

  3. Select the resolution you require, and then press [OK].

    Operation panel screen illustration